TT120 Tech Info

his page provides detailed information on configuration options for the TT120frame.


Front Fork Compatibility Chart

While a mountain bike at core—where the inclusion of a suspension fork is a given—the TT120is set apart by its offering of touring-oriented functionalityas well. We’ve designed it such that switching out the front fork can adjust the geometry of the bike to suit everything from downhilling-oriented mountain biking to road-touring, all with the same single frame. The chart below shows the geometry of the bike when configured with a range of typical fork options. Take a look and find the best match with your own riding preferences.

measurement : mm

front fork※axel to crown
without a load
fork offsetsag 20%axel to crown
with a load
head angleBB hungerfront - centertrail
TT120 M size27.5inch 120mm travel5104424486694564089
27.5inch 140mm travel5304428502683964595
27.5inch 160mm travel55544325236731652102
27.5inch rigid fork470440470705063684
29inch 100mm travel500512447669.54964478
29inch 120mm travel52051284926943.564984
29inch 140mm travel5455132513683665590
29inch rigid50051050068.54165186
TT120 L size27.5inch 120mm travel5104424486694566089
27.5inch 140mm travel5304428502683966595
27.5inch 160mm travel55544325236731672102
27.5inch rigid470440470705065584
29inch 100mm travel500512447669.54966478
29inch 120mm travel52051284926943.566984
29inch 140mm travel5455132513683667590
29inch rigid50051050068.54167186


* Values for fork types listed above are given for reference, based on standard fork measurements. Fork length and offset measurements may vary depending on the exact model, even with the same stroke length. Generally speaking, the stiffer the fork the longer it will tend to be. Please be sure to verify the specs of the actual fork you use.
* Headset: 14mm lower cup height, external.
* Trail values are shown for configurations with 710mm diameter tires.

Left:29inch 100mm fork +700C x 45c tire/Right :27.5inch 140mm fork +27.5 x 2.8 tire

Bottom Bracket Clearance

TheTT120prioritizes compatibility with components the rider may already have. Accordingly the bottom bracket presumes configuration with up to triple-chainring cranksets. In a single-chainring configuration, with a 50mm chainline, up to a 38Tcrankset will fit. The Boost model shares the same bottom bracket layout. Also, depending on the tire’s actual knob pattern, tires may rub against the frame even with 70mm widths. Tire and wheel alignment conditions when riding may affect results as well. Accordingly, with narrow-margin configurations, there is a possibility of contact with the frame depending on the air pressure of tires and rigidity of wheels.