TT120 Ti bike frame

Trail Riding & Touring

While being a mountain bike—where the inclusion of a suspension fork is a given—this one is set apart by its offering of touring-friendly options as well. With its design based on 27.5” semi-fat tires (*compatible with tires widths of up to 70mm), it delivers amenable handling with 700c gravel tires (*compatible with up to 705mm outer diameters) too, as they are close in diameter. Its adaptability to a wide range of different types of rides is what places this model in a class of its own—it’s a great one for tearing down trail descents on as well as cruising along forest roads or hitting the pavement with on longer-distance tours, all with the same single bike. This is one that takes the mountain bike to a higher level in terms of versatility, one to ride down all the paths your life might take you. Meet the MONORAL TT120.

With its compact design and easily customizable options, the geometry of this model has been thought through to make a nice fit with the mountains of Japan. With the specs of its rear center—short at 420mm—it seems to turn on a dime and lets the rider feel for themselves just how nicely it pedals. With a bit of length height it, it maintains some triangular space up front. With its 69° head angle this is a model poised to tackle your all-around riding needs and downhill runs alike.

L size frame+27.5″ 120mm travel fork+27.5″ x 2.8 tires

Left:29inch 100mm travel fork +700C x 45c tires/Right:27.5inch 140mm travel fork+27.5″ x 2.8 tires

TT Concept Geometry / Compatible with 27.5” Semi-Fat Tires & 700c Gravel Tires Alike

The 700c wheel is analogous to the 27.5” wheel diameter now standard on mountain bikes and—depending on the tire width—matches the outer dimensions pretty closely at about 700mm. We couldn’t help but take advantage of that. The TT120’s design presumes tire sizes of 27.5” x 2.8” or 700c x 45mm and handles fine even being outfitted with a change in wheels.

Front forks that make a good fit have axle-to-crown measurements of 505mm or above, with 120mm of travel for 27.5” forks and 100mm for 29” forks. The bike makes a good match with forks of standard measure axle-to-crown measurements for all-around riding suited to ascents and descents alike and—with an addition of 20mm of travel—makes an even more killer downhiller.

We offer this model with a highly-versatile 142mm thru-axle design (which can be switched out for a 135mm drop end) along with the 148mm BOOST model that features specs that will now become standard.

Lsize frame with 29er rigid fork and 700cx45 tires. Mountain drop handle & front double chain rings.

Multivarious Utility

The frame is outfitted with a multitude of mounting options for carriers or bottle cages with 5 mounts on the down tube, 3 on the seat tube and 4 on the rear stays, all to M5 specs. A range of mounting configurations can be accomodated, from standard carrier mounting to combined frame bag and bottle cage mounting and more. The bottle cage mounts on the down tube can be used to carry 2L PET bottles with ease, offering a convenient solution to the frequently encountered issue of bringing enough water along on long-distance rides in midsummer.

Also, remote cables for the now ubiquitous dropper seatposts can be routed internally through the down tube.

3Al-25V Grade 9 Titanium Tubing

Our bikes are lavishly constructed with titanium alloy framing. Along with the elasticity expected of metal framing, it weighs in at the weight of steel. At a frame weight of 1700g for the M-size model, it offers a significant advantage over trail-riding bikes made of steel, for which 2.2kg+ is standard.

The rustless titanium frame requires no painting, meaning that exposure to rain or UV light in the course of touring won’t be an issue. Even if water seeps in through carrier mounts, there’s no concern about rusting inside. Even scratches can be polished to be easily made inconspicuous. The concept that went into designing the almighty TT120 makes a perfect match with the qualities of its titanium alloy construction.

Welders in the production facility are entrusted with frame welding only after testing with a minimum of 3 years training and are subsequently spot-tested monthly as well. All the welders currently producing our frames have careers of 10 years or more and are able to produce fine-looking beads with their welds.


MONORAL TT120 / TT120 Boost Ti frame specs

MRP:  2,000 USD (Not including tax)
Recommended tire size:  27.5” x 2.8” (Tire widths up to 70mm; with 2.8” tires, rims will be approx. 25mm.)
700c x 45 (Tire diameters up to 705mm)
Material:  3Al-2.5V titanium alloy
Rear end: 6Al-4V titanium alloy
Weight:  1700±20g (M size), 1750±20g (L siz
Recommended fork length:  500~530mm axle-to-crown measurements (120~140mm travel with 27.5” suspension fork)
 Front derailleur band diameter:  φ34.9 (Top pull)
*Front derailleurs cannot be mounted on the BOOST model
Seatpost diameter:  31.6mm / Seat clamp diameter: 34.9mm
Head tube:  44mm straight
(Compatible with both tapered columns and straight oversize parts, depending on the headset)
Bottom bracket:   68mm (BSC/JIS)
Disc brake mount:  Post mount
Rear end:  Non Boost model:φ12x142mm E thru(135mm 9mm replacement parts available.)
Boost model:φ12x148mm Boost spec E thru
Frame size:  M size, center to top: 440mm (155~175cm);
L size, center to top: 480mm (165~185cm)
(with appropriate rider heights in parentheses)

* Specs may be revised without notification

Lsize Non Boost frame. 140mm travel fork+27.5″x2.8 tires