TITANIUM Bikes for Trail riding & Touring. Machida JAPAN.


MONORAL BIKES offers titanium bicycles produced by the outdoor brand MONORAL. The bikes we develop are mountain bikes at core—requisite suspension forks included—yet with a view toward touring-oriented functionality as well. Our flagship model, the TT120, features adesign based on the 27.5” semi-fat tire while at the same time delivering amenable handling with comparably-sized 700c gravel tires as well.

Its adaptability to a wide range of different types of riding is what places this model in a class of its own—it’s a great one for tearing down trail descents on as well as cruising along forest roads or hitting the pavement with on longer-distance tours, all with the same single bike. This is one that takes the mountain bike to a higher level in terms of versatility, one to ride down all the paths your life might take you.


MONORAL made its debut as an outdoor gear brand in 2010 and has focused on offering up packable items with simple, practical functionality ever since. Our guiding principle can be summed up as micro-camping:just heading for the hillswhen the mood strikes, with nothing but the pack on your back. That’s the freewheeling approach to camping we’ve set our sights on.


And it’s actually in cycling that this spirit of ours has its roots, owing to the fact that MONORAL founder and designer Sunami is an avid mountain biker himself—an enthusiast of everything from bike-camp touring to singletrack runs.

One outfit’s all I need, his experience told him: Just one to dig it all with…And that got him thinking he might as well formulate a ride like that himself.